Friday, January 15, 2010

Zombies IN , Vampires OUT

Zombies IN, Vampires OUT---why? Well....
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Here is what I think is going on with the Zombie thing vs. Vampires:

Vampires prey on humans. Humans get to fight Zombies and mess them up.

We the people need positive re-inforcement--not further confirmation of our powerlessness.

This is why Vampires will play out, and Zombies will come back into fashion---because we know as a collective that we gotta pull it together, so we quickly tire of everyone depicting us as weak. We now more than ever need to see ourselves as able to 'battle' our troubles and not simply be at their mercy.

My humble opinion. Since I am one of the poster children for the whole Zombie culture, I may be biased. : )
Sorry--I typed this out super quick so it's not my usual eloquence. ..(snorts)

Meanwhile---have fun out there and don't take any crap!

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  1. You are 100% correct Kelli Maroney. Can you imagine how "Unscary" the zombie in the bathroom dream sequence would've been in NOTC had the zombie been sparkling like Malibu Glitter Barbie? ;P